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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Truck Rims

by John Eastwoodon September 01, 2021

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Truck Rims

Your truck is an actual investment, and it’s most likely one of your favorite possessions. We value our trucks for their performance and their style, which means it’s up to us to keep them running and looking their best at all times. Truck owners spend countless hours and dollars on upkeep and upgrading their vehicles, making proper care essential so that their trucks look brand new as long as possible.

When it comes to the look of your truck wheels and rims, the right tools and cleaning solutions must be used when cleaning to ensure no damage is incurred in the process. To help you get started in the right direction, here are some tips for how to detail your truck’s wheels like a pro.

Materials Matter

You need to know what you are cleaning before you devise the best care plan for your wheels. Chrome, Steele, and Aluminum Alloy are the three most popular materials of rims, and they each should be treated in different manners. Chrome is a very soft metal typically used to coat other metals as it leaves a beautiful finish. Steel rims are the most basic and are usually covered in black, and aluminum alloy rims are lighter than steel.

Know The Finish

Understanding what type of finish is on your wheel and maintaining it is the best key to its proper maintenance. For example, some offroad wheels come in options like semi-gloss paint, gloss-black finish, and chrome-like finish created through physical vapor deposition. Each will have its care specifications.

Determine What Grime It Is You Are Cleaning

Certain cleaning solutions and tools are required for specific grime that is to be removed. The biggest culprit of dirty wheels is brake dust. Brake dust can thoroughly coat wheels, leaving a mess to remove. Because brake dust consists of metal filings and greasy components, it is essential to use proper tools and cleaning techniques to ensure your wheel is not damaged in the process.

Clean The Tire Then The Wheel

Always start by cleaning and drying your tires before you clean the wheel. You can spray your tire cleaning product on the wheel during this time and let it soak as you finish cleaning and drying your tire. Then you can begin removing the dirt and grime from your wheel; keep in mind that abrasives and stiff brushes may damage your wheel’s finish. A good rule of thumb is to clean away as much as possible with soft tools and simple cleaning solutions, then spend extra care on the tough to remove spots.