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The Importance of Wheels in Good Condition

by John Eastwoodon June 30, 2021

Any vehicle that needs to move, needs wheels, be it a car, truck, or bicycle; naturally, the better the wheel, the smoother the ride. For instance, in a car, if one of the wheels is out of alignment even the slightest, the car’s movement is jerky and can cause an accident. The same is true of a deflated or worn tire and a weak rim.


It is not enough to accessorize the vehicle on the inside. People do like the luxurious feel of leather seats, a great sound system to listen to their favorite podcasts or music on a drive, top-of-the-line gadgets, and enjoy a sense of pride in owning a vehicle that is equipped with the latest technology. Unfortunately, none of these will matter if similar attention is not paid to the engine or the wheels, for their function takes precedence over the aesthetics inside the vehicle. 


Wheels and Tires Maintenance


Here are a few problems that can be solved with regular wheel maintenance. 


Wheel balance: A car with a well-maintained wheel balance can make up for any issues with the tire or rim. Under normal driving conditions, you may not notice the imbalance. But, when you put enough torque on the tires or go a little faster than usual, you may see that there is an imbalance. 


Tire slips on the rim: Without proper lubrication and some wear, the tire can cause the tire to slip or spin. This can cause the wheels to become less balanced and make the car vibrate while driving. 


Timely tire replacement: People sometimes tend to postpone tire replacement until the tire becomes completely unusable. They presume that the tires have enough tread in them to go a few more miles. Tires need to be inspected and when you have crossed 50,000 miles or have had them for nearly five years. In this time, tires have been exposed to natural elements and regular use, causing uneven wear and tear. 


Replacing wheel bearing: The metal wheel bearings are integral parts of the wheel and help them spin without much friction. Getting your vehicle serviced must include wheel inspection, including the bearings, because worn-out bearings can impede your driving and cause damage to the suspension. 


Wheels are Critical


It is not wise to neglect the wheels. They are the points of contact between the road and your vehicle. A neglected wheel can become costly when it reduces the fuel economy, and you find yourself having to repair suspension issues or replace tires more frequently.