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Three Popular Kinds of Modern Rims

by John Eastwoodon August 30, 2022

What do you want on your four wheels?

 Wheel and rim shops all over are offering new attractive designs for late-model vehicles, sporty rides and other types of cars, trucks and SUVs.

 Here's some of what you'll encounter in our state-of-the-art catalog.


Star Rims

These types of rooms have five essential spokes coming out of the central hub. A star shape, if you will.

 In some ways, this is a classic design that was sold a lot before we started seeing new more ornate types of rim and wheel models.



 The hexagon adds one more spoke, thereby decreasing the distance between each of these projections from the hub.

 Some people like the symmetry of the hexagon model and choose it instead of a five-pointed star rim. It’s up to you as the vehicle owner. We are here, on the other hand, to introduce high-quality rims that are going to look great on your wheels regardless of what pattern or style you choose. Also, you’ll get products that are made to last, and guarantees of durability that you can take to the bank. 



 These more elaborate designs have eight spokes. They might be equidistant, but in a lot of cases, they are put into groups of two that go out in each direction from the hub. Kind of like a cross shape. 

 Some of these designs also incorporate what's called the ‘snowflake’ design, so that at the end of the spokes where they fit into the exterior of the wheel, they fork or conjoin, to make the whole thing look like a snowflake.

 One of the issues with these kinds of rims is that it can be harder to access the valve stem or other areas through the rim than it would be with a star shape.

 What you'll get with all of these rim models is the quality you can expect from excellent manufacturing and top-tier design, with alloys that represent the most modern choices in today's vehicle world. We work with the best, and put research into what goes in the Suncoast Wheels catalog. From the best shipping procedures to the right metal composition and annealing processes, we talk rims! The science behind how these are made with strategic cooling, porosity and more, is important to what you get and how you’re going to experience the road ahead. So browse and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your vehicle’s “new set of shoes” – we know the answers!