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OEM Versus Replica Wheels

by John Eastwoodon February 23, 2023


It's a big question for a lot of buyers – should I get replica wheels or try to find original OEM models from the factory?

 Well, it's a question that the buyer has to answer for themselves based on various factors like:


  •       Their budget


  •       The year, make and model of the vehicle


  •       Where various wheels are manufactured


  •       What materials they’re made out of

 Also, you have to figure this out in the context of an industry that gives you a lot of choices but maybe not a lot of transparent information on what you're buying!


The Overall Landscape of Online Wheel and Rim Sales

 Now, you can Google “replica versus OEM wheels” and find some webpage where somebody has some wheels available.

 But as you start to read over their posts and catalogs, you notice that some of the stuff actually doesn't make sense…

 Have you ever seen something like this?

 “Your choice is the fitment of OEM or replica wheels, then you can choose from them….”

 Uh, what?

 This stuff is unintelligible.

 Why is that? Because they didn't put the quality into offering you the actual information on your wheels and rims – for example, whether you should buy OEM or replica wheels. So you actually landed yourself in sort of a digital trap where you're not likely to get the information that you need!


 The Real Deal on Replica Versus OEM

 Here are some of the best ways to make your decision. First, consider whether the new replica wheels are made of inferior materials or softer alloys and whether that impacts how you use your vehicle.


Think about where the wheels are made – many original OEM wheels were made in the specific country where the vehicles were made. So if you are a real gearhead loyal to a certain brand or company, you will usually want the OEM wheels. But if not, replica wheels may be fine for you. There are also some elegant and nice-looking designs: just check out our catalog!


That's been a bit about replica versus OEM wheels, coming directly from humans who want to help you shop. You know that's what you're getting here, and there's a value to that in a world where so many e-commerce shops are just really window-dressing.


We’re a veteran-owned business that cares about serving our customers well and getting people access to the best products. When we talk about going the extra mile, we mean it, and there are actually humans at work behind the scenes, not just computers. Check out our resources on wheel sizing and get a gift card for that special person in your life – and know that you are connected to a vendor with real people in the driver’s seat.