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Improve Driving Experience By Looking After The Wheels

by John Eastwoodon September 27, 2021



Driving can be a joy in residential areas or out on long drives across rough terrains. Owning a vehicle also can be a matter of pride and achievement. However, maintaining it can be arduous, especially for the wheels, as they experience the most contact with the roads and are exposed to all the elements. 

Learn how to take care of the wheels and tires

At least once a fortnight, clean the alloy wheels. Start with the wheels before moving on to the rest of the car wash because you don’t want to let the brake dust splash on the washed areas of the car. The wheels can be cleaned while still on the vehicle or by removing them. If you are removing it from the car, make sure that the alloy doesn’t get scratched when placed on a concrete surface. 


How to remove brake dust 

Wheels get contaminated from deposits such as brake dust. Brake dust can be unsightly, corrosive, and hard to remove. Each time you apply brakes, dust particles from the brake pad fly and stick to the rim, leaving behind a residue that keeps collecting over time. Naturally, it is not possible that you will wash your car each time you take it out. 

So, the dust that contains metal filings, carbon fibers, and adhesive residue gets attached to the wheel’s protective coating. If ignored for too long, it can lead to corrosion. Using a pressure washer can help remove this brake dust. A pressure washer can reach hidden corners of the wheels. A soft-bristled wheel brush can also help, although the brush must be used with plenty of water, or it will scratch the alloy.  

Ideally, it is best to fix a schedule for cleaning the wheels. While it will depend on how often you take the vehicle out, a fortnightly wash is good to maintain the wheels in good condition. 

 Steps for cleaning the wheels


  • Removing loose surface contaminants
  • Scrubbing the rim with a sponge or wash mitt 
  • Spraying on a wheel cleaner
  • Scrubbing the rim with a soft-tipped wheel cleaning brush
  • Rinsing and drying the wheel
  • Applying a wheel sealant, or wax, or polish

    Taking care of the tires

    It is impossible for tires to look new after being exposed to road dirt, water, and heat. The black tires can look faded and will begin to look old. Fortunately, there are special products that can be applied after a good pressure wash. Once the wheel has been washed and dried, the tire-dressing product can be used, and your car wheels and tires will look as good as new. 

    Taking care of the wheels and tires is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Therefore, neglecting them is not an option.