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How Wheel Offset Affects Your Vehicle

by John Eastwoodon December 28, 2021

Upgrading a vehicle’s tires or wheels has become popular as the switch can improve the appearance of your car or its handling performance. Many truck and car owners consider after-market upgrades necessary when personalizing their vehicles to meet their specific needs. 

Wheel offset is when wheels are positioned further out than is standard, meaning your car or truck performs better. Let’s look at the trend of wheel offset and its effects on your vehicle. 


Digging In To Wheel Offset

 The term ‘wheel offset’ refers to the distance from the wheel centerline to the hub mounting surface. Three types of wheel offset are positive, zero, and negative. Positive offset describes a hub mounting surface that is closer to the wheel’s centerline. Zero offsets are when the hub mounting surface coincides with the wheel’s center, and in negative offsets, the hub mounting surface is closer to the inboard side. 



Vital Aspects Of Wheel Offset

 Wheel offset most often comes into the plan when looking to purchase new wheels for your truck. In many cases, people only consider wheel patterns and appearance but fail to consider that wheel offset is a critical component of wheel installation and fit. When you are thinking of getting wider wheels for your vehicle, it is wise to conduct your research before purchasing.


Impacts Of Wheel Offsetting

 Like all aftermarket vehicle installations, you must consider your specific type of vehicle and how it handles before purchasing products intended to impact its performance. Wheel offsetting can negatively affect your truck or car in a few ways that you should be on the lookout for. 

If the offset is too high, your truck’s wheels are more likely to hit the inner suspension components of the vehicle. In contrast, wheels may hit the fenders when the offset is too low. 


Why You May Want To Offset Your Vehicle’s Wheels

 While you need to consult your trusted mechanic before offsetting your vehicle’s wheels, there are several reasons why you may want to deviate from your original offset. Offsetting your wheels can give your truck or car a more aggressive look while improving its handling and performance.  You may also enhance clearance by pushing your wheels outwards, enabling the steering wheel to manipulate the wheels without rubbing. 


Performance Of High-Quality Wheels 

 Whether you decide to offset your wheels or not, your vehicle will perform its best when using high-quality wheels. Remember, your wheels are the front line of performance handling and safety, so always purchase them from a reputable dealer.