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How to Shop for Rims

by John Eastwoodon March 02, 2021

Upgrading the rims on your ride is all the rave right now. Vehicle aesthetics make you feel great running down the road. You spend a lot of time in your automobile and you want it to look its best. No matter what you’re currently driving, chances are it’ll look a lot better with a nice set of rims and tires. Everybody is trying to keep up with the Jones these days and, trust me, the Jones are rockin’ a nice ride with an even better set of rims. Before you ditch those factory wheels, its important to understand exactly what you’re shopping for, especially if you’ve never purchased rims before.

How to Shop for Rims

Considering Replica Wheels

Shopping for rims means doing some research. If you’re considering replica wheels to save some dollars, plan on doing a little extra. Both replica wheels and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels should carry their load rating as well as other identifying marks on the back. The good news is that replica wheels don’t necessarily mean low-quality, though some of them are. The way the wheels are produced will determine their quality and durability. Do your homework and check reviews before purchasing replica wheels. There are some that meet stringent quality standards, and they can help you save some money.

Other Considerations

Besides aesthetics, you’ll need to look at the bolt pattern. While the pattern should match the axles of your vehicle, you should also check the diameter of the bolt circle. The hole in the very middle of the wheel is called the center bore which is sometimes used to center the wheel on the vehicle’s axle. Bigger bolt patterns typically have a bigger center bore.

Once you’ve gotten this far and possibly chosen some wheels, its time to consider offset. Vehicles have different offsets and it’s important to know yours before buying wheels. The offset is the distance between the center of the wheel and the mounting surface. A higher offset lets the wheel sit further inside your wheel well, but you should make sure it clears your suspension components. If you want a lower offset to bring the wheel out more, you’ll have to check your clearance to ensure your fender doesn’t rub. 

More Stuff

While rim styles can be incredibly detailed, this should be enough information to get you started shopping. You’ll still want to ask plenty of questions before signing on the dotted line. You may want to learn about backspacing and the manufacturer recommended wheel widths for your specific vehicle. You’ll also need to know what size your tires are and what type of hubcaps you have. Working with a reputable supplier like Suncoast Wheels makes the process easier and helps ensure you get the right set of wheels the first time around. Contact Suncoast Wheels today and take a step towards upping the game on your ride.