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How To Boost Your Car’s Drivability

by John Eastwoodon May 02, 2022

Having a nice car is something most people view as a priority. The older your car gets, the harder you will have to work to keep it nice. When choosing upgrades for your car, you need to focus on drivability. Owning a car that is cumbersome to drive can be downright frustrating. 

Every year, American car owners spend millions of dollars on upgrading their vehicles. While making your car more drivable might be costly, it is definitely a worthy investment. Below are some things you need to do if you want to make your car more enjoyable to drive. 


The Power of New Tires and Rims

The main parts of your car that determine drivability are the rims and tires. Trying to drive a car that has worn tires can be uncomfortable and dangerous. The longer you drive on worn tires, the higher the risk becomes of accidents occurring. Not only should you replace your old tires to enhance drivability, you also need to invest in new rims

With the addition of new rims, you can make your car more stable and easier to handle. There are a number of different car/truck rim options on the market. Consulting with professionals is vital if you want to figure out what size tire/rims you need to achieve your drivability goals. The team at Suncoast Wheels will have no problem helping you find the best rims for your vehicle. 


Wheel Alignment is Crucial

Once you have new tires and rims on your vehicle, you need to invest in a professional wheel alignment. Improperly aligned wheels can make driving your car extremely difficult. When professional wheel alignment is needed, you might start to notice things like:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side
  • The steering wheel is off-center
  • Loose handling
  • Abnormal tire wear 

If you notice one or more of these problems and ignore them, they will only get worse. Ignoring the need for wheel alignment can result in your tires wearing out prematurely. Instead of throwing money out of the window on new tires, you need to let professionals align your wheels. An experienced mechanic will have the machinery and the knowledge needed to align your wheels quickly and correctly. 


Keep An Eye On Your Braking System

The ability to bring a car to a stop quickly is something many people take for granted. A number of different components have to work in unison for your car to stop as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. If one or more of these components gets damaged, the danger you face behind the wheel will increase. This is why you need to have your brake system inspected routinely by professionals. 

If these professionals find worn pads or rotors during this inspection, getting them replaced is vital. By staying on top of brake system repair issues, you can make your car easier to operate. 

If your existing rims are damaged or unappealing, it is time to check out the selection of new rims offered by Suncoast Wheels.