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Happy Birthday! Modernize Your Ride!

by John Eastwoodon December 11, 2020

Spinning in style is a great way to celebrate a new birthday. 

Sure, you could buy a new vehicle, but that that would involve sitting down and crafting a whole new financing plan, and dealing with those salespeople. Buying a new set of wheels can make even an older car look like a million bucks, and you won't need any financing.

You'd be surprised how often we hear from wives and girlfriends, or other family members, who have bought an excellent set of new rims for the proud vehicle owner of a car, truck or SUV that really looks different with our wheel designs attached! They are really excellent birthday presents – or gifts for any day of the year. 

They're not the smallest items that you ever received shipped – but we have this down to a science, and we know how to deliver stylish rim choices that are worth their weight in gold directly to you. 

Model Years and Sizes

Take a look at what you're driving. Is it more than a few years old?

Does it have neat geometric chrome or colored rims, or does it have dumpy-looking plates that came from the factory, or even worse, mismatched shoes?

Don't make your vehicle do the drive of shame every time it leaves your driveway. You can get great looking exterior rims like our gloss black barrel lines with a matte center, or polished barrel with a tinted clear center, all for various sized vehicles from 15 inch all the way up to 24 inch wheels. When you see the difference that these attractive rims make, you’ll be glad you shelled out for them. Or, if they’re a gift, someone else shelled out for them, for you. 

Gleaming Chrome

Our high-design chrome wheels and chrome inserts give you that shiny bright look that you may want for your vehicle. Other drivers prefer a glossy jet-black rim to go with a custom paint job. We have both, in the kinds of neat geometric designs that make your vehicle look modern and valuable.

Take a look at our catalog – at Suncoast Wheels, our rims are second to none. Enjoy the geometry and finish of quality alloy wheels for aftermarket modding and a vehicle that can hold its hood up high in any company. We are excited about what your vehicle can look like on a set of these! Ask us any questions or check out the faq to get started.