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Common Causes of Tire Rim Damage and How To Avoid Them

by John Eastwoodon January 27, 2022

By 2027, the automotive wheel rim market is expected to generate over $33 billion in the United States. When driving your car, you want people to take notice of how appealing it is. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by investing in high-quality replacement rims. Luckily, there are tons of OEM and aftermarket rims that can make your vehicle more appealing. 

Once you find and purchase new rims for your vehicle, keeping them in good shape should be your top concern. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that can cause damage to your rims. The following are some common causes of tire rim damage and what you can do to avoid them. 


Never Drive on a Flat Tire

One of the main things a car needs to function is a set of properly inflated tires. As time goes by, the tires on a car can become worn and damaged. Dealing with a flat tire can be an extremely stressful process. If you get a flat tire while driving on a busy highway, your first inclination might be to keep driving the vehicle. In reality, making this mistake can result in lots of damage to both your car and your tire rims.

Putting the entire weight of your car on the tire rims can bend and damage them. This is why you need to pull over immediately after you detect a flat tire. Being cautious when your tire goes flat can protect your rims and limit the amount of damage your vehicle experiences. 


Beware of Salted Winter Roads

The cold temperatures of winter have surfaced in just about every corner of the United States recently. In areas where heavy snowfall is common, a number of precautions are taken to keep the roads usable. One of the most common things local municipalities will do to mitigate the risks caused by snowfall is salting the roads. The salt helps to increase traction and melt the snow away. 

However, this salt can also be corrosive to the metal that composes your rims. If this corrosion gets too bad, it will lead to the rim having to be replaced. This is why you should get in the habit of washing off your car rims after driving on roads that have been salted. 


Avoid Driving Too Close to the Curb

Another mistake that can severely damage your car rims is driving too close to a curb. Whether you are attempting to parallel park or navigate a narrow street, the risk of your rims coming in contact with a curb is increased. Running into these curbs can leave your rims looking scuffed and bent. Over time, this damage will get progressively worse. Instead of having to replace your rims prematurely, you need to be mindful of curbs and avoid coming in contact with them. 

If your existing car rims are looking worn or damaged, it is time to replace them. At Suncoast Wheels, we can provide you with a great deal on a new set of rims.