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Choosing Suspension And Tires For Off-Road Vehicles

by John Eastwoodon November 30, 2021

Choosing Suspension And Tires For Off-Road Vehicles

Off-roading is a favorite pastime for many truck owners. Whether you purchased your truck specifically for off-road adventures, or you want to outfit your existing vehicle for off-road work or sport, the topic of suspension and tire size can be tricky. Choosing an off-road suspension is particularly confusing as so many options and modifications to those options exist.

Specifics Of Suspension

The basis of making your choice of off-road suspension is knowing how you plan to use your truck. The more specifically designed the suspension is for off-road, the worse it will perform on the hard-top. Light off-roading suspensions can provide a happy medium of off-road handling and highway performance.

The type of off-road experience you enjoy will also affect the type of suspension your vehicle needs. Climbing rocks uses a far different set-up than that of mud-bogging or riding on dunes. Keep in mind that some extreme off-road suspensions are not legal for use on hard-top roads.

How To Choose An Off-Road Suspension

There are plenty of options for off-road suspensions that you can use. You should remember that you’ll also need to pick tires, shocks, and other components that will ultimately affect how your truck handles and rides. Each element has a significant impact on the outcome, and your choices make a difference.

When choosing an off-road suspension, consider the following aspects to help you narrow down your pick.

          *         What is your budget?

          *         What type of off-road activity will you be doing?

          *         What size of tires do you want?

          *         What is your mechanical knowledge?

Tire Size Can Determine Type Of Off-Road Suspension

The type of off-road suspension you need can typically be determined by the size of truck tire you desire. Larger tires can maneuver over more significant obstacles without getting stuck. The larger the tire, the more extreme suspension packages can provide you with the strength and height you need to climb over more enormous obstacles.

For most stock tires, you can achieve the height you want by adding a simple leveling or body lift kit that will increase height without affecting how the truck handles the highway. As you advance in tire size, the more you raise the truck’s center of gravity, which will make it less stable unless you use a coil spring suspension and make some modifications.


Make sure you only use high-quality wheels when outfitting your truck for off-road activities. Your vehicle’s suspension and tires are essential in ensuring your safety and fun during all of your off-road adventures.