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Answering Three Questions About Replica Rims

by John Eastwoodon February 17, 2021

It's a big question in the auto world – what about replica wheels? Are replica rims as good as OEM options? Should I buy some or stay far, far away? 

That's a complex question, and it deserves a detailed answer. Obviously some replica aftermarket rims and wheels are better than others, but that doesn't even start to address how to evaluate OEM and aftermarket alternatives to make decisions. Drivers have to do some research, to find out whether they can save some money with a good set of replicas. 

Here are three quick things we like to tell customers about replica rims. 

Some Replica Rims Are Quite Strong: Quality Alloys

Cheap, inferior replica rims get a bad rap for being less durably forged than OEM manufacturer products.

However, these days, the more global and diverse business chains around the auto industry are changing this equation somewhat. Yes, some replica rims are not as good as OEM, but others are turned out in very high-quality ways. Check out our Bronze 20x9 Hellcat Replica Wheel! Items like this are made sturdy and strong, with the right finish to look good on the street, in the parking lot, in the drive, in short, wherever you happen to be. 

They Should Fit Well

One of the things that you're getting from OEM manufacturers is rims that fit to a T – where there's no rattling or looseness, or little gaps in the connection between the rim and other parts of the vehicle. But you’re paying for that fit! Again, some replica rooms are very nicely fitted, while others might have issues. But with the right fit, you can get just as good of service out of the aftermarket rim.

Dealership Markups

As mentioned above, drivers often pay a premium for OEM products, including rims and wheels.

What that means is that as long as you do the research and make sure you get a quality aftermarket solution, you can save money without sacrificing quality. Also, remember, rims are not difficult-to-reach internal parts where deviations decrease the driveability or the integrity of performance. Aside from the issues above, there’s not a lot that can “go wrong” in aftermarket production. 

With that in mind, what you should know about OEM is that you’re not just paying for quality. You’re also paying into the dealer supply chain, where everything has to be marked up in order to cover advertising, centralized production, etc. 

Take a look at everything that we offer at Suncoast Wheels – and make your own decision! Ask us how to get free lugs with every set of wheels, and about the convenience of getting your rims from a top ecommerce shop. Talk to you soon!