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4 Signs That Your Existing Car Rims Need To Be Replaced

by John Eastwoodon November 02, 2022

4 Signs That Your Existing Car Rims Need To Be Replaced

Keeping a car reliable and functional can be challenging at times. It is your job as a car owner to address repair issues quickly when they arise. Allowing auto repair issues to persist can result in them getting much worse. When it comes to the tires and rims on your vehicle, you need to work on keeping repair issues at bay.

Every year, car owners in the United States spend over $194 billion on maintenance and repair. When the rims on your car are damaged, you will be presented with many warning signs. Here are some of those warning signs and why replacing damaged rims is so important.

1. Problems Braking Can Be Caused By Bent Rims

Hitting a pothole is something most drivers do regularly. When hitting a pothole, you run the risk of bending your car rims. A bent rim will cause your car to pull to one side during the braking process. If you need to bring your car to a stop abruptly, a bent rim can create lots of problems.

Without the proper braking power, the risk of being involved in a rear-end collision will increase substantially. The only way to avoid this danger is by replacing your bent rim quickly. The team at Suncoast Wheels can help you find the right replacement rims for your vehicle.

2. Look For Visible Damage To Your Rims

Discovering auto repair issues early on will be much easier with routine inspections. During the inspection of your vehicle, be sure to give your rims a good once over. If you notice that the edges of your rim where it meets the tire look bent, you need to take action.

When rims get severely bent, the only way to address this problem is by replacing them. The longer you wait to get rim issues handled, the harder it will be to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road. With the addition of new rims, you can make your car safer and more appealing.

3. Loss of Tire Pressure

Modern vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. These systems are designed to alert car owners to low tire pressure. If a tire on your vehicle consistently loses pressure, this could be an indication that your rims are bent. A bent rim will be unable to properly seal to a tire.

This means that air will be allowed to escape. Driving on tires that are improperly inflated is extremely dangerous. Getting a new rim installed can help you put these tire pressure issues behind you.

4. Vibrations While Driving

Another problem you may encounter when your car rim is damaged is vibrations while driving. Trying to control your vehicle when it is shaking and vibrating can be difficult. Rather than putting yourself and other motorists in danger, you need to replace the defective rim so you can rid your car of these vibrations.

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